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Shoker M. B., Alhaddad T., Pages O., Torres V. J. B., Postnikov A. V., Polian A., Hajj Hussein R., Pradhan G. K., Narayana C., Gardiennet C., Kervern G., Nataf L., Ravy S., Itie J.-P., Strzalkowski K., Marasek A. & Firszt F.
Exceptional phonon point versus free phonon coupling in Zn1−xBexTe under pressure: an experimental and ab initio Raman study
Scientific Reports 12(753) (2022) 349 DOI link

Das Ag., Jobelius H.,Schleinitz J., Gamboa-Ramirez S., Creste G., Kervern G., Raya Je., Le Breton N., Guénet A., Boubegtiten-Fezoua Z., Grimaud L., Orio M., Rogez G., Hellwig P., Choua S., Ferlay S. & Desage-El Murr M.
A hybrid bioinspired catechol-alloxazine triangular nickel complex stabilizing protons and electrons.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 8 (2021) 5286-5298 DOI link

Shoker M., Pagès O., Torres V., Polian A., Itié J.-P., Pradhan G., Narayana C., Rao M., Rao R., Gardiennet C., Kervern G., Strzałkowski K., Firszt F.
Phonon-based partition of (ZnSe-like) semiconductor mixed crystals on approach to their pressure-induced structural transition
Scientific Reports 10 (2020) DOI link

Boumaiza H., Renard A., Rakotomalala Robinson M., Kervern G., Vidal L., Ruby C., Bergaoui L., Coustel R.
A multi-technique approach for studying Na triclinic and hexagonal birnessites
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 272 (2019) 234-243 DOI link

Nagashima H., Lilly Thankamony A., Trébosc J., Montagne L., Kervern G., Amoureux J.-P., Lafon O.
Observation of proximities between spin-1/2 and quadrupolar nuclei in solids: Improved robustness to chemical shielding using adiabatic symmetry-based recoupling
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 94 (2018) 7-19 DOI link

Di Bitetto A., Kervern G., André E., Durand P., Carteret C.
Carbonate–Hydrogenocarbonate Coexistence and Dynamics in Layered Double Hydroxides
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) DOI link

Di Bitetto A., Andre E., Carteret C., Durand P., Kervern G.
Probing the Dynamics of Layered Double Hydroxides by Solid-State27Al NMR Spectroscopy
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017) DOI link

Ingrosso F., Altarsha M., Dumarçay F., Kervern G., Barth D., Marsura A., Ruiz-Lopez M. F.
Driving Forces Controlling Host–Guest Recognition in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Solvent
Chemistry: A European Journal 22 (2016) 2972-2979 DOI link

Butler M. C., Kervern G., Theis T., Ledbetter M. P., Ganssle P. J., Blanchard J. W., Budker D., Pines A.
Parahydrogen-induced polarization at zero magnetic field
The Journal of Chemical Physics 138 (2013) 0-0 DOI link

Theis T., Ledbetter M. P., Kervern G., Blanchard J. W., Ganssle P. J., Butler M. C., Shin H. D., Budker D., Pines A.
Zero-Field NMR Enhanced by Parahydrogen in Reversible Exchange
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (2012) 3987-3990 DOI link