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Research: 2021 (3 results)

Doggaz A., Coustel R., Durand P., Humbert F., Ruby C.
Birnessite: A New Oxidant for Green Rust Formation
Materials 13 (in press) DOI link

Peluso P., Dessì A., Dallocchio R., Sechi B., Gatti C., Chankvetadze B., Mamane V., Weiss R., Pale P., Aubert E., Cossu S.
Enantioseparation of 5,5'-Dibromo-2,2'-Dichloro-3-Selanyl-4,4'-Bipyridines on Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases: Exploring Chalcogen Bonds in Liquid-Phase Chromatography
Molecules 26 (2021) 221 DOI link

Vuillemin M., Muniglia L., Linder M., Bouguet-Bonnet S., Poinsignon S., Dos Santos Morais R., Simard B., Paris C., Michaux F., Jasniewski J.
Polymer functionalization through an enzymatic process: Intermediate products characterization and their grafting onto gum Arabic
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 169 (2021) 480-491 DOI link

Revue ou chapitre d'ouvrage 2021 (3 results)

Nespolo M.
From Bond Strength to Charge Distribution: modern developments of the empirical analysis of crystal structures.
Physical Sciences Reviews (in press)

Nespolo M.
Pyroxenes. In Encyclopedia of Geology, Second edition, edited by Scott Elias and David Alderton. Elsevier.
1 (2021) 287-296 DOI link

Nespolo M.
Mathematical Crystallography and Chirality
Suurikagaku (Mathematical Sciences) (in press)