MaThCryst forthcoming activities

Sixth training course on symmetry and group theory, August 2017, Tsukuba (Japan)

IUCr 2017 Satellite, September 2017, Rourkela, (India)

International Autumn School on Fundamental and Electron Crystallography (IASFEC), October 2017, Sofia, (Bulgaria)

MaThCryst recent activities

Shanghai International Crystallographic School, June 2017, Shanghai (China)

Second Workshop on Mathematical Crystallography, May 2017, Manila (Philippines)

Fifth training course on symmetry and group theory, March 2017, Tsukuba (Japan)

Fifth MaThCryst School in Latin America, October 2016, Havana (Cuba)

AIC School 2016, 7-11 September 2016, Rimini, (Italy)

First advanced training course on symmetry and group theory, August 2016, Tsukuba (Japan)

International Scientific School 'Combined topological and DFT methods for prediction of new materials II', July 2016, Samara (Russia)

International School on Fundamental Crystallography with applications to Electron Crystallography, June - July 2016, Antwerp (Belgium)

SIAM conference on mathematical aspects of Material Science, May 2016, Philadelphia (USA)


Didactic material for the MaThCryst schools

Since its beginning, the IUCr MaThCryst commission has organized a series of schools on Crystallography. In this page we collect some didactic material that is used frequently in our schools. Other material specific to some schools is available in the corresponding school page (see our meeting page to find a complete list of our schools).