MaThCryst forthcoming activities

Second training course on symmetry and group theory, March 2015, Tsukuba, (Japan)

Second Balkan School on Fundamental Crystallography / Workshop on Magnetic Symmetry and its Application in Magnetic Structure Description, July 2015, Istanbul (Turkey)

International School on Fundamental Crystallography with applications to Electron Crystallography, June - July 2016, Antwerp (Belgium)

Fifth MaThCryst School in Latin America, May-June 2016, Bogotà, (Colombia)

Research themes

The following pages aim at presenting in a simple but rigorous way some of the "hot topics" of MaThCryst. This is essentially a cooperative "on-going" project which exploits the dynamic nature of the Internet to improve itself on the basis of the feedback from the readers. Do not hesitate to send us your comments.

Hereafter is a list of topics we plan to describe. The description of some of these topics is hosted directly on the MaThCryst website: links are activated as soon as the corresponding page is ready. For topics that are already extensively described elsewhere, we provide an external link, indicated by the icon globe.