Forschung: 2022 (25 results)

Antoun K., Ayadi M., El Hage R., Nakhl M., Sonnier R., Gardiennet C., Le Moigne N., Besserer A., Brosse N.
Renewable phosphorous-based flame retardant for lignocellulosic fibers
Industrial Crops and Products 186 (2022) 115265 DOI link

Borowski P., Kutniewska S. E. , Kaminski R., Krowczynski A., Schaniel D., and Jarzembska K. N.
Exploring Photoswitchable Properties of Two Nitro Nickel(II) Complexes with (N,N,O)-Donor Ligands and Their Copper(II) Analogues
Inorganic Chemistry 61, 17 (2022) 6624-6640 DOI link

Bouguet-Bonnet S., Giraud T., Stefan L., Averlant-Petit M.-C. and Canet D.
On the Observation of 14N Quadrupole Resonance Transitions in Water Proton NMR Relaxometry Dispersion Curves: The Case of a Labile NH Grouping in a Semirigid Molecular Moiety
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2022) DOI link

Cornu D., Coustel R., Durand P., Carteret C., Ruby C.
How can pH drop while adding NaOH ? Formation and transformation of Mn4(OH)6SO4
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 305 (2022) 122631 DOI link

Dallocchio R., Dessìa A., Sechi B., Chankvetadze B., Cossu S., Mamane V., Aubert E., Rozzo C., Palmieri G., Spissu Y., Peluso P.
Exploring interaction modes between polysaccharide-based selectors and biologically active 4,4 ′ -bipyridines by experimental and computational analysis
Journal of Chromatography 2 (2022) 100030 DOI link

Deresz K. A., Kaminski R., Kutniewska S. E., Krowczynski A., Schaniel D. and Jarzembska K. N.
An optically reversible room-temperature solid-state cobalt(iii) photoswitch based on nitro-to-nitrito linkage isomerism
Chemical Communications 58 (2022) 13439-13442 DOI link

Dhaka A., Jeannin O., Aubert E., Espinosa E., Fourmigué M. and Jeon I.-R.
N-Chlorobenzimidazoles as efficient and structurally diverse amphoteric halogen bond donors in crystal engineering
Chemical Communications 58 (2022) 10825-10828 DOI link

Fourati H., Ndiaye M., Sy M., Triki S., Chastanet G., Pillet S. and Boukheddaden K.
Light-induced thermal hysteresis and high-spin low-spin domain formation evidenced by optical microscopy in a spin-crossover single crystal
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter 105 (2022) 174436 DOI link

Gansmuller A., Mikhailov A. A., Kostin G. A., Raya J., Palin C., Woike T. and Schaniel D.
Solid-State Photo-NMR Study on Light-Induced Nitrosyl Linkage Isomers Uncovers Their Structural, Electronic, and Diamagnetic Nature
Analytical Chemistry 94(10) (2022) 4474-4483 DOI link

Gharbi, C., Toumi, B., Soudani, S., Lefebvre, F., Kaminsky, W., Jelsch, C., ... & Khedhiri, L.
Synthesis, structural characterization, antibacterial activity, DFT computational studies and thermal analysis of two new thiocyanate compounds based on 1-phenylpiperazine
Journal of Molecular Structure 1257 (2022) 132620 DOI link

Goldwaser E., Laurent C.,Lagarde N.,Fabrega S.,Nay L., Villoutreix B.O., Jelsch C., Nicot B.A.,Loriot M.-A., Miteva M.A.
Machine learning-driven identification of drugs inhibiting cytochrome P450 2C9
PLOS Computational Biology (2022) DOI link

Hasil A., Beck D., Schröder D., Pillet S., Wenger E., Woike T., Klufers P. and Schaniel D.
Pas de Deux of an NO Couple: Synchronous Photoswitching from a Double-Linear to a Double-Bent Ru(NO)2 Core under Nitrosyl Charge Conservation
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (42) (2022) DOI link

Kaliszczak M., Durand P., Wenger E., Dossot M., Jones F., Arrigan D. W. M. & Herzog G.
Electrochemically controlled cocrystallisation of caffeine : 1-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
CrystEngComm 24 (2022) 48-51 DOI link

Kitahara G., Yoshiasa A., Tokuda M., Nespolo M., Hongu H., Momma K., Miyawaki R., Sugiyama K.
Crystal structure, XANES and Charge Distribution investigation of krennerite and sylvanite: analysis of Au-Te and Te-Te bonds in Au1-xAgxTe2 group minerals
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 78 (2022) 117-132 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Korchowiec B., Korchowiec J., Kwiecinska K., Gevrenova R., Bouguet-Bonnet S., Deng C., Henry M. and Rogalska E.
The Molecular Bases of the Interaction between a Saponin from the Roots of Gypsophila paniculata L. and Model Lipid Membranes
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23(6) (2022) 3397 DOI link

Mellah D., Nicolai B., Fournier B., Nada Bosnjakovic-Pavlovic N., Legrand F.-X., Gemeiner P., Boemare V., Guiblin N., Assi A., Tfayli A., Konate S., Durand P. and Spasojevic-de-Bire A.
New Cocrystallization Method: Non-photochemical Laser-Induced Nucleation of a Cocrystal of Caffeine-Gallic Acid in Water
Crystal Growth & Design (2022) DOI link

Mikhailov A. A., Kostin G. A. and Schaniel D.
The influence of the trans-ligand to NO on the thermal stability of the photoinduced side-bond coordinated linkage isomer
New Journal of Chemistry 46 (2022) 12641-12650 DOI link

Moëlo Y., Nespolo M., Farges, F.
Pyrite contact twins
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science (in press)

Nespolo M.
Molecular vs. structural chirality
Journal of Applied Crystallography (in press)

Pal, R., C. Jelsch, K. Momma, and S. Grabowsky
π-Hole bonding in a new co-crystal hydrate of gallic acid and pyrazine: static and dynamic charge density analysis
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 78 (2022) 231-246 DOI link

Shoker M. B., Alhaddad T., Pages O., Torres V. J. B., Postnikov A. V., Polian A., Hajj Hussein R., Pradhan G. K., Narayana C., Gardiennet C., Kervern G., Nataf L., Ravy S., Itie J.-P., Strzalkowski K., Marasek A. & Firszt F.
Exceptional phonon point versus free phonon coupling in Zn1−xBexTe under pressure: an experimental and ab initio Raman study
Scientific Reports 12(753) (2022) 349 DOI link

Stepanenko I., Mizetskyi P., Orlowska E., Bucinsky L., Zalibera M., Venosova B., Clemancey M., Blondin G., Rapta P., Novitchi G., Schrader W., Schaniel D., Chen Y.-S., Lutz M., Kozisek J., Telser J. & Arion V. B.
The Ruthenium Nitrosyl Moiety in Clusters: Trinuclear Linear μ-Hydroxido Magnesium(II)-Diruthenium(II), μ3-Oxido Trinuclear Diiron(III)?Ruthenium(II), and Tetranuclear μ4-Oxido Trigallium(III)-Ruthenium(II) Complexes
Inorganic Chemistry 61(2) (2022) 950-967 DOI link

Stepanenko I.,Zalibera M., Schaniel D., Telser J. and Arion V. B.
Ruthenium-nitrosyl complexes as NO-releasing molecules, potential anticancer drugs, and photoswitches based on linkage isomerism
Dalton Transactions 51 (2022) 5367-5393 DOI link

Syamala V.V., Aubert E., Deutsch M., Wenger E., Dhaka A., Fourmigué M., Nespolo M, Espinosa E.
N-iodosaccharin-pyridine co-crystal system under pressure: experimental evidence of reversible twinning
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 78 (2022) 436-449 DOI link

Umayahara A., Souvignier B., Nespolo M.
Diffraction Enhancement of Symmetry and Modular Structures
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 78 (2022) 319-326 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Rezension oder Vulgarisierung 2022 (2 results)

Nespolo M.
"Numerical Problems in Crystallography". By M.A. Wahab.
Acta Crystallographica, Section A: Foundations of Crystallography 78 (2022) 59-62 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Nespolo M.
Framboids. By David Rickard
Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science 78 (2022) 710-711 PDFElectronic reprint DOI link

Revue ou chapitre d'ouvrage 2022 (1 results)

Nespolo M.
From Bond Strength to Charge Distribution: modern developments of the empirical analysis of crystal structures.
Physical Sciences Reviews (in press) DOI link