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Universidad de Los Andes
International Union of Crystallography Malvern-Panalytical Consejo Profesional de Quimica Colombia

International School on Fundamental Crystallography
Sixth MaThCryst school in Latin America
Workshop on the Applications of Group Theory in the Study of Phase Transitions

Bogotá, Colombia, 26 November - 1st December 2018

The Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography is strongly committed to promote education in all the fundamental aspects of crystallography that nowadays are overlooked in common University courses. This mission is accomplished through a series of meetings in a wide range of regions. In fall 2018 we have organized a school in Bogotá following the previous schools in Havana, followed by schools in Montevideo, in Uberlândia, in La Plata. and again in Havana.



Faculty of Sciences, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá


Morning session (3:30 hours):
Lectures 8:30 - 10:00
Coffee break: 10:00 10:30
Lectures 10:30 - 12:30
Lunch: 12:30 14:00
Afternoon session (4:00 hours):
Lectures 14:00 16:00
Coffee break: 16:00 16:30
Lectures 16:30 - 18:30

Scientific Program

1st Day Monday, 26 november, morning session:

8:30 - 8:40 Opening of the School
Lecturer Massimo Nespolo
Symmetry groups and types of symmetry in direct space. Bravais lattices, conventional and non-conventional unit cells. Symmetry of lattices and symmetry directions. Hermann-Mauguin symbols for point groups. Symmetry of crystallographic patterns: holohedries and merohedries. Crystal families, lattice systems and crystal systems.

1st Day: afternoon session

Lecturers Massimo Nespolo, Mois Aroyo

2nd Day, Tuesday, 27, morning session:

Lecturer Mois Arroyo

2nd Day: afternoon session

Lecturer: Massimo Nespolo

3rd Day, Wednesday, 28 November, morning session:

Lecturer Mois I. Aroyo

3rd Day: afternoon session:

Lecturer Mois I. Aroyo

4th Day, Thursday, 29 November, morning session:

Lecturers Leopoldo Suescun, Arbelio Penton-Madrigal

4th Day: afternoon session

Lecturers Leopoldo Suescun, Arbelio Penton-Madrigal

5th Day, Friday, 30 November, morning session:

Lecturer Mois I. Aroyo

5th Day: afternoon session

Lecturers Mois I. Aroyo, Leopoldo Suescun

Workshop: Applications of Group Theory in the Study of Phase Transitions

Saturday, 1st December 2018

Lecturer A. M. Glazer


The official language of the school is English but the presence of Spanish speaking tutors familiarized in advance with the lectures provided assistance to those needing it by translation or answering questions on the topic.

International Program Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Didactic Material

Examples data and solution available on request. See also the list of didactic material for the MaThCryst schools.

Abstracts of poster presentations

Abstracts of a few poster presentations are available at this address.

List of participants: (see also the photo gallery at IUCr website).

Mauro MeloneArgentinaIB/UNCuyo - CNEA - CCT Patagonia /CONICET
Federico MovillaArgentinaDQIAQF/INQUIMAE-UBA
Jhoan Francisco Téllez BernalArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de Córdoba INFIQC-CONICET
Tábata Peres CardosoBrasilUNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Andrea Pastrana DavilaColombiaUniversidad Santiago de Cali
Stephanny Villamizar DelgadoColombiaUniversidad Santiago de Cali
Richard Fernando DVriesColombiaUniversidad Santiago de Cali
Wilder Acuña GonzalezColombiaUniversidad Industrial de Santander
Kevin Arango DaraviñaColombiaUniversidad del Valle
Daniela Cardona GonzálezColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Medellin
Astrid Elena Sánchez PinoColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Medellin
Robinson Moreno MendozaColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
Jorge Andres Cardona VasquezColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
Manuel Jonathan Pinzón CárdenasColombiaUniversidad ECCI
David Arsenio Landinez TellezColombiaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
Julian Esteban León IbañezColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Andres Felipe PerezColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Carol P. Melo TorresColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Catherine Eliana Cabrera DiazColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Jonathan Andrés Niño CortésColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Daniela Fonseca LópezColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Paula Daniela Mestizo MeloColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Andrés Camilo BallesterosColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Néstor Fabian Bravo PiñerosColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Jhon Danis PuerresColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Eider Erazo MorenoColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Camilo Prada LatorreColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Diego Alejandro Garzón CastellanosColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Cristian Camilo Granados CerónColombiaUniversidad de los Andes
Katherine Chaves CarballoCosta RicaUniversidad de Costa Rica
Manuel Alejandro Peñafiel GuamánEcuadorUniversidad Técnica Particular de Loja
Jairo Israel Escobar PeraltaEcuadorUniversidad Técnica Particular de Loja
Lucero Torres LópezMexicoInstituto Politécnico Nacional
Jovana Pérez PérezMexicoUNAMj
Gerardo Aguirre HernándezMexicoInstituto Tecnológico de Tijuana
Esteban Elvis Asto RamosPeruUniversidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Bastien Francesco GrossoSwitzerlandETH Zurich
Joaquin GrassiUruguayFacultad de Quimica - Universidad de la República
Natasha Di Benedetto SviridenkoUruguayFacultad de Quimica - Universidad de la República


For inquiries about the scientific program, please contact . For all inquiries about the organisation, please contact:
Dr. Mario Alberto Macias Lopez
Universidad de los Andes

The Organizers of the ISFC6 school have observed the basic policy of non-discrimination and affirmed the right and freedom of scientists to associate in international scientific activity without regard to such factors as citizenship, religion, creed, political stance, ethnic origin, race, colour, language, age or sex, in accordance with the Statutes of the International Council for Science. At this school no barriers existed which could have prevented the participation of bona fide scientists.

Last updated: 13th February 2019
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